Poets for the 1950's, so far, are Hattie Blossom Fritze of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Mary Hazard Frost of Illinois, and Mary Peery Whittaker of Missouri.

Overview of the Decade:

Peace time in America brought prosperity and a focus on the "nuclear" family, as the baby boom was now well underway. People were buying things that had not been available during the war years and consuming new products such as televisions and vacuum cleaners.

Presidents of the 1950's:

Harry S Truman 1950-1953

Dwight David Eisenhower 1953-1959

The demands of the consumer insured that manufacturing would boom during the 1950's. The crushing unemployment and rampant poverty of the pre-war depression were merely bad memories, as the 50's jitterbugged its way along. More families were now able to purchase TVs and automobiles, and the standard of living took a sharp turn upward for many Americans.

The 1950's was not as bright a decade for black Americans, however, who still suffered under horrific discrimination and widespread bigotry. It was the 50's that would see segregation ruled unconstitutional and Rosa Parks refuse to give up her seat on the city bus, as the civil rights movement was born.

Elvis Presley

Peacetime allowed people to focus on cultural aspects of life, and music took a major turn during this decade. While the popular "hit parade" still featured singers like Patti Page and Frank Sinatra, the 50's also welcomed Elvis Presley and Doo Wop, and teens were introduced to the newest "fad", Rock 'n Roll. Television became commonplace in American households and shows like Ozzie and Harriet, Lassie, and Leave it To Beaver underscored the decade's conservative family values.

In 1958 the first domestic jet-airline passenger service added a level of mobility to a growing population, and the decade ended with Hawaii and Alaska becoming the 49th and 50th states.

Rosa Parks